Glenn Gouldin soittotapa

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Glenn Gould, kuuluisa pianisti, oli myös käytökseltään huomattavan omintakeinen. Jotkut ovat arvelleet hänen sijouttuneen autismikirjolle. Koska Gould on jo vainaa, tätä ei voida enää varmuudella selvittää. Englanninkielinen Wikipedia-artikkeli aiheesta kertoo:

Gould’s experience with psychoanalytic treatment and medication is well documented. After his death, Dr. Timothy Maloney, director of the Music Division of the National Library of Canada, wrote about the possibility that Gould also had Asperger’s syndrome, [43] commonly referred to as a high-functioning type of autism first described in a medical paper in 1981. This idea was first tentatively proposed by Gould’s biographer, Dr. Peter Ostwald, who argued that Gould’s eccentricities, such as rocking and humming, isolation and difficulty with social interaction, dislike of being touched, and uncanny focus and technical ability, can be related to the symptoms displayed by persons with Asperger’s, according to Maloney.

Ostwald died before he could further develop his theory. However, other experts dismiss this theory as post-mortem diagnosis based on circumstantial evidence. Dr. Helen Mesaros, a Toronto psychiatrist and author, published a rebuttal to Maloney’s paper suggesting that there are ample psychological and emotional explanations for Gould’s eccentricities, and that it is not necessary to resort to neurological

Huolimatta siitä, minkä diagnoosin Gould nykyään saisi, on mielenkiintoista seurata hänen soittamismannerisma. Tässä YouTube -videossa on alku Bruno Monsaingeonin elokuvasta Glenn Gould Plays Bach, jossa kuvataan vierestä kun Gould soittaa yhden tunnetuimmista tulkinnositaan, Bachin Goldberg-variaatiot. Videon alussa on lyhyt johdanto, ja kohdassa 6:32 alkaa varsinainen esitys. Loputkin elokuvasta löytyy kymmenen minuutin pätkissä RadioKlassikilta.