Puoltaja -open autism culture

Advocate – openly on autistic culture

Puoltaja (Advocate) is an Autism spectrum -related online publication, made completely by volunteers. Puoltaja is a tool for empowerment in Finland. We want to represent culture of Autism in a versatile and transparent manner, and we are always looking for new contributors.

Our e-mail address is puoltaja (at) We are especially interested to publish material from people who are on Autism spectrum in different countries. You can send us for example stories, articles, photos, artwork or feedback. If you write an article please use English. It would be nice if you could introduce yourself. And please mention the name or pseudonym you want to use in Puoltaja.

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The editors of Puoltaja/ Advocate

The editors of Puoltaja/ Advocate                                                                   Photo: Pekka Pauka